This is the place where you can take care of all your needs when it comes to Poway Real Estate Professionals (PREP) membership. You can fill out an application to join PREP by clicking on the APPLICATION  button. Or, you can click on the PAYMENTS button which sends you to the PREP Store where you can pay online for any of the following services: 1. Membership in PREP for one year (starting from the day your payment and application are received). 2. Non members can pay for a one time $15.00 caravan pitch fee. If they choose not to join but wish to attend they can pay the $5.00 guest fee (The first visit is FREE). 3. Members can pay for a sponsorship or buy their tickets for the annual PREP dinner meeting. 4. It is also possible to make a donation to one of the charities that PREP supports. For example the annual Poway High Schools Grad night. And last but not least you can click on the Current Members button and view a list of the active members which is divided into two sections, Realtors and Affiliates.