Caravan Info

Tour #G64 – includes all homes in POWAY zip code 92064 as well as, homes in 92128 Sabre Springs that are south of Ted Williams Pkwy.

When listing a property in the city of Poway please adhere to the provisions that are outlined in Poway’s zoning ordinance #739:
Real estate signs for single and multi-family residential sales and leasing. For single-family signs, one sign per street frontage not exceeding four square feet in area and five feet in height, provided it is unlit and is removed within 15 days after the close of escrow or the rental or lease has been accomplished. Signs placed on the rear street frontage are prohibited.

We invite you to present your listing to our PREP Realtors and Affiliates on Friday mornings. We will use photos from your listing to create a PowerPoint slide show to go along with your 1-2 minute verbal presentation.

The listing must be in PARAGON as a “Tour” by Noon on Wednesday the week of the caravan in order to be included on the tour.

To add your listing to our caravan, follow these instructions:

Enter the information directly into PARAGON by clicking on LISTINGS on the Tool Bar on the Home Page of Paragon.
Then click on Maintain
Then select “active” and “SEARCH” All of your active listings should appear.
On the results for the listing, click on Select an Action…
Click on Tour Listing (we no longer use “Open House”.
A new screen will open. Click on “+Add New”
Enter all REQUIRED information.
Be sure to use Tour Group G64.
Enter the Friday caravan date for the Tour.
Start time is 9:30 am
End time is 12:00 pm
Under comments, include any gate code, drawings, or special instructions.
Enter Y /N for refreshments.
In order to make sure you did everything correctly, close the window and go back to the Home Page and click on “SEARCH” and then select Tour/Open House to see if your listing comes up for the desired caravan date.

Caravan schedule:

WHEN: Friday
8:30 am – 9:00 am Networking
9:00 am – 9:45 am Caravan meeting. A LICENSED REP MUST ATTEND & PITCH THE PROPERTY.
9:45 am – 12:00 pm Tour

(Park ONLY in the main lower lot or on Pomerado Road. Upper lot is available for handicap parking)

Procedures for Marketing Sessions


Purpose: To provide members a viable medium for the marketing of real property in the service area of the association (See Article 1.03 of Bylaws); to provide members an opportunity to exchange information pertaining to affecting the sale of real property; to provide an interface between realtor members and affiliate members in the lending, title, escrow, and related industries.
Objective: These procedures are designed to provide a format for the conduct of marketing sessions and to provide guidelines and prerequisites for the marketing of properties at the caravan meeting.


The marketing sessions will be held each Friday at a place so designated by the Officers of the Corporation. Currently meetings are being held at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, located at 16275 Pomerado Rd., Poway. The meetings commence at 9:00 A.M. and there is a networking opportunity from 8:30-9:00. The meetings are scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes. Two hours room time have been reserved to allow ample time for set up and clean-up operations.


1. Meetings are called to order by the President or designated representative promptly at 9:00.
2. Introduction of first time visitors.
3. All affiliates are allowed to introduce themselves (name and company).
4. Announcements of importance to members (All announcements must be preapproved by the President).
5. Realtors with properties on tour will present in the order on the flow sheet. Presentations are to be conducted in one minute or less and only real estate licensees may present properties.
6. Properties are to be presented by members, or by licensees who have paid a one time pitch fee of $15.00. The only exception to this rule is when the property is listed in the MLS as an open listing. In this case, the owner may also present the property and hold it open.
7. Homes must be open from after the meeting (approximately 9:45) until Noon.
8. Presentations to include a brief description of the property, including amenities and unusual features, gate codes, drawings, refreshments, etc.
(NOTE): PREP does not approve of alcoholic beverages being served at caravan properties.


    Changes and additions to the tour are made by the Corporate Administrator. Anyone wishing to make a change should do so by contacting the Corporate Administrator prior to the start of the meeting. Properties on tour will be printed on the flow sheet, with the exception of properties added after the cutoff date and time. Submission requirements for caravan are covered under separate heading.


    Opportunity drawing tickets may be purchased at the door for a $2 donation per ticket strip (5 tickets).


    Flyers may be displayed at the meeting at a place so designated. Those bringing flyers are responsible for the removal of excess flyers after the meeting.


    Realtors and Affiliates pay a $50 annual membership.

    FIRST TIME VISITORS————$15.00————————————-None


    1. When a non-member agent pays the pitch fee of $15.00 but sends another non-member licensee to pitch the property at the meeting, the representative is not required to pay the $5.00 guest fee.
    2. When a non-member has more than one property on tour, a separate pitch fee of $15.00 is required for each property.
    3. When a non-member pays the pitch fee to present a property, that pitch fee cannot be applied toward the annual membership fee in the future, should that person decide at a later date to become a member.


    1. A significant price reduction (% determined by the Board, depending on the current market) OR
    2. A change in condition (i.e. a significant remodel, a tenant has moved out, property is now staged, yard is re-landscaped, etc.) OR
    3. At least 2 months has passed since the property was last on tour OR
    4. The property is re-listed with a new agent

    For questions contact: Anne Gold (858) 663-0136: