About Us

When the Poway Real Estate Professionals (PREP) was founded back in 1969, the real estate industry was operating out of a listing book. This book was always obsolete by the time agents even got their hands on their copy. This prompted a small group of forward thinking Realtors to come up with an idea where agents could meet on a regular basis to better showcase their new listings and discuss their individual wants and needs. That was back then and still plays a large part of where we are today even though PREP has evolved into so much more.
In order to ensure the highest level of service for the clients, the founders required that all real estate agents also be members of the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors. Why? Because they “require” their members to subscribe to a National Code of Ethics where they agree to deal fairly and ethically with each other and their clients. You can’t even call yourself a Realtor unless you also become a NAR & CAR member.
The PREP membership has grown to and has maintained a count right around 300 for the past few years. The weekly caravan meetings average between 75 – 100 Realtors and affiliates per week which allows for our clients to receive maximum exposure of their properties. PREP has always encouraged a close working relationship between Realtor and affiliates which would certainly account for why approximately 35% of PREP members are affiliates After all they represent such an intricate part of every real estate transaction.
Unlike most caravans in the county PREP is registered as a not for profit corporation. As a corporation we are governed by a set of bylaws and managed by a Board of Directors which is elected annually by the general membership. The following list represents all of the past presidents dating back to the very beginning in 1969.

1969 Margaret Jack 1970 Geoffrey Lang 1971 Larry Quate
1972 Bud Monroe 1973 Edward Green 1974 Chuck Sellers
1975 Bill Kent 1976 Lois Petty-John 1977 Glenn Porterfield
1978 Bill Reber 1979 Jim Brown 1980 Carl Senesac & John Windham
1981 Mark Burry 1982 Juanita Harmon 1983 Bill Barger
1984 Patrick Boyle 1985 Jan Shoemaker 1986 Jim Hunt
1987 Mary Mitchell 1988 Ray Bell 1989 Lomita Braziel
1990 Dianne Rath 1991-1992 Bill Fisher 1993 Kay Williams
1994 J. R. Shippey 1995-1996 George Freelan 1997-1998 Mike Averill
1999-2000 Bob Weurding 2001 Mary Mitchell 2002 Liz Hoffman
2003 Pat McCarthy 2004-2005 Dennis Baker 2006 Kay Sorenson
2007-2008 Eric Matz 2009 Brian Westre 2010 Sean Allen
2011-2012 Jeff Hans 2013 Kay Williams 2014-2015 Anne Gold
2016 Jeff Hans 2017 Vickie Hoey 2018-2019 Cynthia Elizondo