Message From our President, Cynthia Elizondo


Welcome to the home page of the Poway Real Estate Professionals (PREP). Founded in 1969, the organization was designed to provide a forum for Realtors to showcase their recently listed properties and to hold them open so their colleagues could view the current inventory available for sale. The original concept of the organization has been augmented through the addition of real estate oriented business professionals (affiliates) as members. The combination of both Realtors and affiliates provides for the sharing of both current listings, business tips and services that are real estate related along with the latest in community news.
The weekly meetings have enhanced how the new listings are showcased with the addition of a full color Power Point presentation on each property. This is projected on a large screen as the listing Realtor describes the most compelling features of the property. The meeting also includes a brief “Mortgage Minute” along with a 2-3 minute presentation from the weekly “featured” affiliate regarding the benefits of their particular product or service. California Association of Realtors, San Diego Association of Realtors and special broker announcements are also imparted throughout the course of the year as they pertain to the organization and real estate as a whole.
PREP is a non profit membership organization with annual dues of $ 50. The membership fee covers administrative costs and, most importantly, augments financial contributions given back to the community. We also host weekly “opportunity drawings” to assist in raising moneys that is then donated to various charitable organizations and to benefit the local schools. Last year in 2016 PREP donated to Poway High Schools “Grad Night” and other local charities. PREP Realtor members are required to be members of both the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) because both organizations require that Realtors subscribe to a national Code of Ethics governing their daily business practices. We are proud and honored to be contributing members of the city of Poway and the surrounding communities.

All the Best.

Cynthia Elizondo CA BRE 01924853



  • Are we having fun yet!
  • Decorations provided by Premier Event Planning.
  • Event was organized by Ryann Hastings and Phil Joseph.
  • Jackie Ninich will replace Phil as the new Affiliate Rep in 2018.
  • 2018 BOD is installed by Past President Eric Matz.
  • 2018 BOD. Missing from photo are Dale Polette and Bret Geernaert.
  • 2018 President Cynthia Elizondo presents Phil Joseph with Affiliate of the Year Award.
  • Cynthia presents Jim Endicott with the Agent of the Year Award.
  • Holly Anderson presents Lucky Ron Wilson $500 as the 2nd chance winner two years in a row.
  • Phil presents Joan Falkosky one of the lottery winners her check.
  • David Probst outbids the competition for this signature Phillip Rivers football.
  • Dinner was served to approximately 180 guests.
  • Eric and Lisa provide the security for the event.
  • New President, Cynthia Elizondo and friend Chrissy Stone ready to party.
  • John Olenik, provider of some of the evenings finest wine and his taster Suzanne Kropf.
  • What is with those candles Marcos?
  • Regulars at the annual event, Elaine and Doug Wealch.
  • Bob Weurding, PREP Corporate Administrator with wife Emily.
  • Time to get this party going!
  • These five know how to have a good time!
  • Foundation Escrow, PREP supporters Stephanie, Brook, and Rebecca.
  • Another long time PREP supporter, Legends Escrow, Joe, Jackie, and Natasha.
  • A good time is had by all.
  • Trying their luck at Blackjack
  • It does not look like there are too many winners at this table?
  • The house seems to be winning here too!
  • Working off that delicious dinner.
  • One of the newly elected BOD members, Norma Aguilar, enjoying herself on the dance floor.